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Samyu's Review of "This Poison Heart" by Kalynn Bayron

Review by Samyu
December 9, 2021
This poison heart bayron

5 stars of 5

This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron is a thrilling book, captivating readers from the moment they start it. The story is a mystical thriller, with an unexpected twist at the end. As readers traverse through the book, they learn more and more about the main character, Briseis, and the strange connections she has with her new house. They learn about an ability of hers that is as dangerous as it is powerful., and this story takes readers through a journey like no other. Briseis and her family encounter much more than they signed up for on this adventure. And, while they find out more about the past, someone is working against them, stopping them from achieving their goal. The detail and thought put into the story makes it teeming with life. Readers are guaranteed to be hooked onto this story. 
The characters are very well-rounded, with good and bad internal traits. The author put so much detail into them, it was as if she was creating actual human beings. In this novel, there is no such thing as a "boring part." Sometimes, there are books with no flow, that readers just plod through. However, in This Poison Heart, there is never a dull moment. Twists and turns keep readers on their toes, waiting for what happens next. Another thing that completely brought the book to life was world creation. The impeccable detail used in the story to create a setting was unimaginable. Readers will feel like they are a part of the story, speculating the entire thing.  The book is a thrilling adventure, hooking readers from the first sentence.

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