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Hiba's Review of "Your Corner Dark" by Desmond Hall

PRE-PUBLICATION Review of Advanced Reader Copy by Hiba

Review date: November 30, 2020 - Publish date: January 21, 2021

Your Corner Dark

4 stars of 5

Your Corner Dark by Desmond Hall

Desmond Hall’s "Your Corner Dark" is an action-packed thriller following the story of a young man as he faces some of the most tragic events in his life.  I would give this book four stars for its intriguing plot and eye-opening setting that shows the actual situation of Jamaica.

The story begins by introducing the main character, Frankie, and showing the reality of his country, Jamaica.  Frankie has great dreams and plans to escape his poverty through his scholarship to the University of Arizona.  He has worked hard his entire life, so he could become an engineer in America. 

Although Frankie has a deep connection with his country, he wants to get away from it because Jamaica is filled with violence and poverty.  Most people in Jamaica are poor, and some don’t even have money for basic necessities such as food and running water.  Jamaica is also not safe, as a result of power-hungry gangs who are willing to shoot even innocent people to win elections. Frankie’s father gets shot in one such incident. Frankie is willing to do anything to save his father, including giving up his scholarship.  The many dilemmas Frankie has to go through causes him to lose many people and opportunities in his life.   

The writing had a smooth flow and did not cause any confusion.  It was in chronological order, so the story was easy to understand.  The author used many slang terms, so sometimes it was difficult to understand what the author meant.  However, the terms also help the readers get a better understanding of the relationships between the characters.

If you are looking for a book full of action, romance, and the bitter reality of the world, this book would be perfect. This story will cause the reader to be grateful for what they have and will help them see the true climate for natives of many countries.

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