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Alanna's Review of "Historically Inaccurate" by Shay Bravo

Review by Alanna

June 1, 2021

Historically Inaccurate

4 stars of 5

Historically Inaccurate by Shay Bravo

In Historically Inaccurate, Shay Bravo weaves a dramatic story around a present day, culturally relevant theme. Following her mother’s deportation, everything in Soledad “Sol” Gutierrez’s life changes in an instant. The novel follows Sol, a new student at Westray Community College as she tries to fit in. Forced to navigate through a new set of family dynamics and a drastically different home environment, Sol shares with the reader a heartfelt story as she faces many struggles and learns the importance of being herself. 

In her brave attempt to ignore her new reality and repress the memory of her mother’s deportation, Sol turns her focus on her school’s history club. However, her valiant efforts to find a new normal only result in leading her down a path of criminality because of the club’s risky initiation practices. Sol is challenged to break into a prominent Westray home and steal a single fork. Desperate to fit in, Sol proceeds to commit the theft and is caught red handed by the owner’s granson, Ethan. After craftily escaping the scene, the two cross paths again, quickly developing a bond. But as they get to know each other more, a massive betrayal shakes Sol’s fragile world. It becomes clear to Sol how much more important it means to be herself than to succeed in achieving the acceptance she initially craved.

This book is a must read for its important message of self-worth alone. The novel’s structure may seem slightly disjointed to the reader, but I loved how it was never predictable and had the ability to keep the reader guessing. Historically Inaccurate is a perfect novel for anyone interested in teen dramas addressing social injustice and strength of character!

Tags: book review YA fiction deportation Historically Inaccurate Shay Bravo heartfelt social injustice

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