Meeting Room Policy

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The Mission of the New Providence Memorial Library is to be the community’s center of knowledge and to serve as the catalyst to promote and encourage lifelong learning. Library resources including the meeting rooms are available to library users in accordance with the mission statement.  

Priorities for Library Meeting Room Use

The Coddington Activity Room and the Conti Family Meeting Room are primarily used for programs that are sponsored by the library and by groups in accordance with the considerations in this policy. This includes gatherings of a civic, cultural, educational, informational, or recreational nature, such as book discussions, music concerts, and children’s story times, and many more uses. All events must be open to the public.

The Conti Family Meeting Room will be made available at designated times, to provide additional tables and chairs, so as to meet the increasing demand for resources in the form of additional work spaces.

The Coddington Activity Room is designed to host children’s events, with a floor and furniture that are “kid friendly”. Meetings of scouts and other primarily childrens’ meetings will take place in the Coddington Room.


Guidelines for Library Meeting Room Use

Events sponsored by the library or library affiliated groups take precedence over all other groups.  NPML reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a confirmed reservation if the Meeting Room is needed for library purposes.  As much advance notice as possible shall be given.

The hours of 2 pm – 6 pm on most Mondays and Thursdays will not be scheduled for programs in so far as possible, in order to extend the number of available tables and chairs to library users. On Saturdays and Sundays when the Conti Room does not have a scheduled group, the tables and chairs may also be used as work space. The library does not distinguish between kinds of uses by individuals. The mission statement encompasses the pursuit of learning and leisure activities. Appropriate behavior, including consideration for others, is expected in all areas of the library. See “Open Meeting Room” below.

The library is a public building, and children must be supervised for their safety.   The Library staff is not responsible for the supervision of children.  Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them while they are in the library. For their safety, all children must be picked up before closing time by a parent or guardian.

The Library is not responsible for personal property, including cell phones, laptops, iPads, handbags, etc. It is the responsibility of the owner to safeguard personal belongings.

Library users may not publish or distribute advertisements, letters or electronic communication indicating the library as their place of business, or otherwise imply library sponsorship of their activities.  Any materials for display or distribution must be approved by the Library Director.

Reservation of the Meeting Room for an Approved Program

  1. 1. Applicants for program use must be 18 years of age of older. For any event that is intended for minors, an application must be made by an adult who will be present and will be responsible for the conduct of the minors and the use of the facility, including children who leave the meeting room during the course of the meeting.
  2. 2. No admission may be charged. Fundraising is not permitted.  Books related to author talks and book signings may be sold with approval from the Library Director acting for the Board of Trustees.  Fees for materials may be charged with advance approval. For business professionals who wish to use the room to give a presentation on a topic in the area of their professional expertise, there is a fee of $75.00 for the use of the room. The fee is $50.00 if the business is located in New Providence. No solicitation of business is permitted. The program is limited to the presentation of information about which the presenter can speak authoritatively.
  3. 3. Professionals or groups who reserve the meeting room for a program must have an authorized individual sign the Hold Harmless Agreement, and provide a certificate of insurance of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. If not provided within 5 days before the event, the event must be canceled. The application must be returned to the Library well in advance of the scheduled event, accompanied by the insurance certificate. Acceptance of a request is not a confirmation. Requests for the meeting room must be approved by the Director before they are confirmed. The Library Director or authorized representative is solely responsible for granting permission to use the meeting rooms. Authorized library staff will have free access to any part of the building during times of meeting room use.
  4. 4. Approval for use of the room will be granted for not more than once per week for a maximum of one month, or once per month for a maximum of six months. Applicants may reapply when their scheduled time has been used up.
  5. 5. Should the library close due to inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the group to check the Library’s website, The library shall bear no responsibility for costs incurred by the booking group. Organizations are responsible for providing members and attendees with directions, parking information and an organizational contact name and phone number, for questions about the event.
  6. 6. The meeting rooms must be vacated by 8:45 p.m. on nights that the library is open until 9 pm, and 15 minutes before closing time on other days.
  7. 7. Attendance is restricted to the number of persons permitted in the room by ordinance. This information is posted in the meeting rooms.
  8. 8. Refreshments may be served, if specified in the approved application. The organization must provide its own paper products.  Any food or beverage remaining must be removed.  All spills and traces of refreshments must be removed.  All trash and debris must be placed in the proper receptacles at the end of the event.
  9. 9. Applicants are responsible for any damage to library property. There must be no nailing or taping to floors, walls or fixtures.  The building and equipment must not be marked or defaced in any manner.  The library will determine the cost of damage or theft by charging prevailing rates.
  10. 10. The group is responsible for furniture set-up and for returning the furniture to the original set-up.
  11. 11. For group programs, a projector may be reserved with advance notice. The organization is responsible for providing an experienced operator of a laptop or presentation device. A Windows 10 laptop computer may be reserved, but bringing one’s own laptop is strongly recommended for compatibility of software programs.
  12. 12. Permission to use the room does not constitute endorsement on the part of the library of any particular organization’s policies or beliefs. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the library or its trustees and/or employees.  The applicant may not name the library as a sponsor or presenter in posters or any advertisements.  The library may be indicated for location only.
  13. 13. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited. Gambling is prohibited.  To comply with copyright law, a movie must be licensed under the library’s movie license.  This must be confirmed in advance of the event, by naming the movie on the application form.

Open Meeting Room Use for Extended Work Space

The Conti Meeting Room will be made available for additional work space (tables and chairs) during the hours of 2 pm – 6 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. It will not be scheduled for programs in so far as possible at those times, in order to extend the number of available tables and chairs to library users.

Chairs and tables in any area of the library are available on a first-come basis.  Patrons can expect to share a table or a space with others as needed.  Tables may not be reserved.  Furniture must not be moved.

Beverages and non-messy snacks are permitted. All spills and traces of refreshments must be removed.  All trash and debris must be placed in the proper receptacles at the end of the event. Leaving a messy workspace can result in loss of privileges.

In all areas of the library, all library users have the right to study, read or work without unreasonable interference.  Library patrons must respect the rights of others who are using the library.  Voices and noise may not be louder than the ambient noise in the room, meeting room or otherwise.  The New Providence Library reserves the right to ask users to lower their level of noise, and also to relocate groups within the library.

The Library does not provide or endorse any tutors or coaches.  Their clients are responsible to perform background checks and reference checks as part of the hiring process.  The library accepts no responsibility in this regard. Adults who are authorized to be with the child, may not leave the child until the parent or guardian takes responsibility in person for the child. The library staff members are not responsible for unattended children.

The use of the Conti Meeting Room as open workspace is conditional upon cooperation of those who use it. As part of the library, all who use the Conti Room have the right to work, study or read without unreasonable interference.  Speaking in low voices should not be bothersome to a reasonable person who is working in the area.   No place in the library is a completely silent zone.  Public libraries have become community centers, fulfilling the diverse needs for all members of the community spanning all ages and all interests. The mission statement supports the pursuit of lifelong learning, whether leisure pursuits or educational pursuits. Every member of the community is served on an equitable basis.

The Conti Meeting Room as an Open Work Space is a pilot program. It will be regarded as successful if there is appropriate library behavior. It may be discontinued by reconsideration by the Board of Trustees if the guidelines list above are not followed.


NPML Meeting Room Policy, Approved Dec. 6, 2006: Revised Sept. 15, 2009 and March 17, 2015 and Dec. 20 2016


Upcoming Events

Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Mar 08 01:00PM-Virtual Storytime
Mar 08 03:00PM-Pickup Mar Teen Take Out Boxes

Signs of life!

As the snow begins to melt, we see positive signs of brighter days ahead.  Infection rates in town continue to drop and the COVID Committee of the Board of Trustees continues to monitor virus progress in the community.  We have been meeting regularly to evaluate whether conditions are right for re-opening.  As always, the safety of our patrons and staff is of prime importance. 

We are happy to announce that we will once again open to computer use by appointment on Monday, 3/1.  As before, we ask that you make an appointment for a 45 minute slot at least the day before and we will not take advance appointments beyond 1 week.  Social distancing requirements only allow us to make 2 computers available. 

We look forward to safer conditions as vaccinations proceed and will continue to update you as our re-opening plans progress.