Fine and Fee Policy

Fine and Fee Schedule

The daily fines for overdue library materials are as follows:

            Adult books and periodicals (including new books)              .20

            Children’s books and periodicals (including new books)      .10

            All audio books (adult and juvenile)                                      .20

            All music CDs (adult and juvenile)                                        .20

            Videos and DVDs (entertainment)                                      1.00

            Videos and DVDs (educational)                                           .20

            Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items                                                 .20


Other Fees:

            New entertainment DVDs                                                      1.00 for 3 days

            Other entertainment DVDs and VHS tapes                           1.00 for 7 days

            (There is no charge for educational DVDs or VHS tapes.)

            Printing from the public computers                                          .20 per page

            Earbuds                                                                                  3.00 (purchase)


Proctoring                                                                               10.00 per exam for residents
                                                                                               20.00 per exam for non-residents

Collection Agency                                                                  15.00                                      

The maximum fine will not exceed the replacement cost of the item, plus the collection fee if applicable.


Overdue notification and collection of fines

 A.  Overdue Notices are sent to all patrons according to the following schedule:

1.      An Overdue Notice will be mailed fourteen (14) days after the due date.

2.      A second Overdue Notice will be mailed twenty eight (28) days after the due date, itemizing materials outstanding, dates due and replacement value of the items.

3.      For patrons who opt for e-mail notification, a notice will be e-mailed fourteen (14) days and twenty-eight (28) days after the due date itemizing the materials outstanding.

4.      A letter will be sent 14 days after the final overdue notice, informing the patron that their account will be forwarded to a collection agency in 10 days, and a $15.00 fee will be added to their account balance. (The letter is attached.)

5.      Notices will be sent to all reciprocal borrowing libraries of invalid borrowers, stolen card numbers, etc.  

B.  Collection of fines:

1.      Fines will be collected by the circulation desk staff based on the established policy rates.  Receipts will be issued upon request.

2.      Patron privileges will be suspended until books are returned and outstanding fines paid.

3.      Staff may, at their discretion, waive fines on overdue books, based on extraordinary prevailing circumstances which hindered the timely return of library materials.

4.      No fines will be collected from patrons who return books from reciprocal libraries to the New Providence Library.  The books will be returned through the ILL system and the reciprocal library will collect fines from the patron.


Charges for damaged library materials

A.  Books:

1.      Any damage to the extent that the book must be replaced – Replacement cost

2.      Damaged but able to be repaired - $5.00

B.  Audio Books:

1.      Individual CDs - $8.00 to $12.00 (depending on the publisher)

2.      Individual tapes - $6.00

3.      Entire Audio Book – Replacement cost

C.  DVDs and VHS tapes:

1.      Any damage to the extent that it must be replaced – Replacement cost

D.  Periodicals

1.      Any damage to the extent that it must be replaced – Replacement cost

Approved June 17, 2008, Revised December 19, 2017

Upcoming Events

Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Mar 08 01:00PM-Virtual Storytime
Mar 08 03:00PM-Pickup Mar Teen Take Out Boxes

Signs of life!

As the snow begins to melt, we see positive signs of brighter days ahead.  Infection rates in town continue to drop and the COVID Committee of the Board of Trustees continues to monitor virus progress in the community.  We have been meeting regularly to evaluate whether conditions are right for re-opening.  As always, the safety of our patrons and staff is of prime importance. 

We are happy to announce that we will once again open to computer use by appointment on Monday, 3/1.  As before, we ask that you make an appointment for a 45 minute slot at least the day before and we will not take advance appointments beyond 1 week.  Social distancing requirements only allow us to make 2 computers available. 

We look forward to safer conditions as vaccinations proceed and will continue to update you as our re-opening plans progress.