Cell Phone Use Policy

In order to provide a pleasant and peaceful environment for all library patrons, cell phone use is restricted in the Library and the meeting rooms. The use of cell phones is permitted only for brief conversations in the foyer at the side entrance of the building. The use of cell phones or other electronic devices that are disruptive to others is not permitted in the Library.

Patrons should turn their cell phones and other devices to vibrate or silent mode before entering the Library. Signs shall be posted in the Library stating that cell phone use is not permitted inside the Library, including in the meeting rooms.


Approved April 21, 2009

Upcoming Events

Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Feb 01 12:00AM-1920s Community Read
Mar 08 01:00PM-Virtual Storytime
Mar 08 03:00PM-Pickup Mar Teen Take Out Boxes

Signs of life!

As the snow begins to melt, we see positive signs of brighter days ahead.  Infection rates in town continue to drop and the COVID Committee of the Board of Trustees continues to monitor virus progress in the community.  We have been meeting regularly to evaluate whether conditions are right for re-opening.  As always, the safety of our patrons and staff is of prime importance. 

We are happy to announce that we will once again open to computer use by appointment on Monday, 3/1.  As before, we ask that you make an appointment for a 45 minute slot at least the day before and we will not take advance appointments beyond 1 week.  Social distancing requirements only allow us to make 2 computers available. 

We look forward to safer conditions as vaccinations proceed and will continue to update you as our re-opening plans progress.