Check Out Materials Without a Card Policy

It is the responsibility of the library to both guard and protect materials purchased with tax money and secured for the good of the public, and to make these materials available to the public.  One way we do this is by registering patrons and checking materials out on library cards.  This allows us to track the location of materials and to seek their return when necessary. 

Patrons are responsible for all activity on their cards.  It is much like a credit card.  Because of this, it is our responsibility to insure that the patron is the registered cardholder, and that the card has not been lost.  At the same time, we do not wish to be totally unreasonable.  Therefore, when a patron comes in to check out material, and has forgotten his or her card, we will check out the material one time as an exception if proper identification is provided.  This is an exception, and a note will be made on the patron record.  The next time the patron checks out the library card must be presented.  This is for patron protection, and to assure that a card has not been lost.  Since we do not check identification each time patrons check out materials, anyone could use a patron’s card, which could make him or her responsible for hundreds of dollars of materials. 

Since children often do not have identification, we will check to see if they know the information listed for the record.  They too must bring a card the next time.  A patron may request and pay for a new card at any time.

Approved May 20, 2003

Spring is in full swing @ NPML!

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